What We Do

A professional web design and development company in India providing a range of affordable custom website design, inexpensive e-commerce web site design services to clients across the world.

Requirement Analysis and Planning

First, we analyze the customer requirement, then we plan the whole project. It is performed by the senior members of the team with inputs from the customer, the sales department, market surveys and domain experts in the industry. This information is then used to plan the basic project approach and to conduct a product feasibility study in the economic, operational and technical areas.


At this stage the actual development starts and the product are built. Developers must follow the coding guidelines defined by their organization and programming tools like compilers, interpreters, debuggers, etc. are used to generate the code. Different programming languages such as PHP, WordPress and Codeigniter are used for coding. The programming language is chosen with respect to the type of software being developed.


On this Testing Stage, Testing is Done before the software is delivered to the customer. The testing team is to test the system against the requirements. The aim of the tester is to find out the gaps or defects within the system and also to verify that the software works as expected, according to the requirements and Provide the Quality based Software Application .


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